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Mikmar Dressage Comfort Girth - 26"

Mikmar Dressage Comfort Girth - 26"

SKU: 10439526

Mikmar Dressage Comfort Girth

Measure 26" buckle to buckle

Color: Black

Lightly Used Condition, average wear

Retail: $259.95

Consignment Item - FINAL SALE



The Mikmar Dressage style Comfort Girth is designed to allow the horse's ribs to expand and contract without restriction, providing comfort to the horse, for easier breathing and movement, without chafing behind the elbows. This aids in improved performance, allowing for free movement with out the risk of pinching, and reducing pressure to the girth area.The panel is lined with a natural non-slip alveolar rubber and is positioned over the sternum to keep the saddle centralized and fully secure to prevent the saddle from slipping. As requested by customers, the black Gibaud center section is less visible, a major improvement for the discerning Dressage rider. The addition of a safety strap inner woven between the Gibaud Fabric prevents riders from over tightening the elastic fabric, thus improving overall structure. As well, quality padded leather, attractive stitching, and buckles offer a more elegant appearance with increased durability and product longevity.

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