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Correct Connect 3-in-1 Training Breastplate - XL

Correct Connect 3-in-1 Training Breastplate - XL

SKU: 10439517

Correct Connect 3-in-1 Training Breastplate

Size: XL

Color: Brown

Lightly Used Condition

Retail: $189.00

Consignment Item - FINAL SALE


The Correct Connect 3-in-1 Training Breastplate has helped riders of all levels learn to keep a stable hand position on the flat or over fences! Perfect for those just learning to trot, or for more experienced riders looking to soften their hands over fences, this unique training system features "T-grips" that are attached to the breastplate to limit the rider from pulling back. This creates a straight line from the bit to the hand, thus promoting a softer elbow and more relaxed connection. Unlike other training aids, the Correct Connect does not use leverage and or force a horse's head into position. Instead, it helps the rider find the correct feeling of riding a horse into the contact. 

Not only does this breastplate serve as a training device, but it can practically be used to keep your saddle from slipping. The addition of the neck strap is ideal for those unexpected skoots and spooks! Adjustable leather and elastic inserts allow for the breastplate to fit a variety of horse shapes and sizes, while also allowing for freedom of movement of the shoulder. 

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