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No Consignment accepted until April 7, 2020 due to COVID-19.

How the consignment process works:


Buying consignment items is as simple as buying new items! If you would like to consign at the Horseman's Exchange, here is what you will need to do:


  • Make sure everything you are bringing in is CLEAN, not ripped, not stained and in good condition.

  • Make sure it is usable and safe.

  • If it is a large consignment call ahead of time so someone can be ready to help you!

  • We do not take consignment drop off's on Saturdays due to those being the busiest days of the week.

  • Legally we do not accept helmets on consignment, we also do not sell used helmets. 

  • Acceptance of items are at the sole discretion of store.

  • We are not a drop off location for donations.

With the consignment process, if you are not familiar with it, we will more than happily go over the contract with you, we will sign you up and get everything set up so you can have your consignment items out and for sale to another equestrian who will love that item as much as you did.


Remember, in your contract to keep track of your six month date so your items don't get donated if you would like them back. Always call and we will check for you.

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