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Consigning items with Horseman’s Exchange is a great way to recycle tack, equestrian clothing and gear for some extra cash. We have been consigning for many years and understand the market and what customers look for. Some items that sell well include riding tights, breeches, and tack from popular brands that or brands we currently carry!

Appointments are required and times are limited.

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All Consignments must be washed and in a usable and safe condition.  All items will be approved for consignment at the sole discretion of the Consignee.


No drops offs or mail in consignments will be accepted under any circumstances.


Appointments must be made in advance and confirmed. You can make an appointment online below.  If you cannot make your appointment, email us and we will work to reschedule you for another available time.


Horseman’s Exchange is an equestrian retail establishment. All consignment items must be related to equine tack, equestrian riding clothing or for use in the barn.

All pricing is set by staff at Horseman’s Exchange. All items are kept at the store for sixty (60) days. Per the Consignment Agreement, Consignors are solely responsible to keep track of their items expiration date and are responsible for the pick up of their remaining items.  Any articles remaining after sixty (6o) days will be marked down at the discretion of the Consignor or donated to local equine charities at the discretion of Horseman’s Exchange.

We will begin taking blankets after Sept. 5, 2023
Please no stable blankets.

General Guidelines:

  • Leather items must be cleaned and free of mildew and dry rot.

  • Boots must be polished with working zippers. Soles and heels must be in excellent condition.

  • Blankets must be laundered with no tears or holes. No heavily patched/repaired blankets

  • Clothing must be dry-cleaned or laundered.

  • Horse items must be free from hair, dirt and laundered.

  • Items worth less than $15 will not be accepted.

  • Any items with holes, stains, pilled fabric, or broken zippers will not be accepted.

  • All items must be “modern.” For clothing: breeches, shirts and jackets; items manufactured over 5 years ago will not be accepted.

  • No Safety Vests

  • No Saddles

  • No Helmets

We have limited space and no extra storage. We do not accept donations. If you would like to make a donation, please contact the MSPCA at Nevins Farm or NEER North.


Summer months:  No blankets, winter coats, vests, gloves, winter tights or breeches, winter boots

Fall/Winter: No fly sheets, sun-shirts, summer tights.

Appoiontment Setter
Items we do not accept include the following but are not limited to:


Please schedule an appointment below for consignment intake.

Appointments are scheduled via the Square app.

*Please use Chrome or MS Edge browser to set appointments.

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